​Current Doughnuts

Boston Cream

Lemon Filled

​Thin Mint*

​Maple/Chocolate Bars

​Blueberry Lavender
Lemon Lavender
Triple Berry
Tart Lemon**
Orange Cardamom
Key Lime Pie
PB & J
Toasted Coconut**
​Almond Joy
PB & Chocolate**
Maple Pecan
Plain Glazed**
Cookies 'n Cream
Apple Fritter

Menu Prices

Big O Doughnuts- $2.95
Little O Doughnuts- 3 for $5/ $1.75 each

Cake Doughnuts- $2.45
Fritters- $3.95

Boston Cream- $3.85

Lemon Filled- $3.85

Bars- $2.50


​**Cake Doughnut Option

The Big O Doughnuts    385.770.7024    248 W 900 S SLC UT 84101

Our Menu

We offer a wide assortment of yeast raised and cake doughnuts. We like to mix it up and offer seasonal as well weekly varietals in addition to our standard offerings. Not all varieties are available every day. Stop in or call if you are looking for something specific.

We proudly serve Blue Copper Coffee and Cold Brew, Calis Chai Tea, and The Queens Tea... all local, all delicious!