We offer a wide assortment of yeast raised and cake doughnuts. We offer seasonal as well as monthly varietals. 

Want to make sure you get your perfect assortment of doughnuts? Place an order 24 hours in advance, online or give us a call.  No minimum necessary. Additional time is needed for larger orders. 

We proudly serve Blue Copper Coffee and Cold Brew, Calis Chai Tea, and The Queens Tea... all local, all delicious!


The Queens Tea

​          Bags- $9.50

          Tins - $12.94

          Loose leaf bags- $8.00​​

Frsh Mnt

         Peppermint breath spray- $3.95


Menu Prices

Big O Doughnuts- $2.95
Little O Doughnuts- 3 for $5/ $1.75 each

Cake Doughnuts- $2.45
Fritters- $3.95

Filled- $3.85

Bars- $2.95

Rice Crispy Treats- $3.25

Al la mode- $3.00

Cookies 2 for $1.75


​All doughnuts priced individually with a 10% discount for dozens. 


**Available with or without sprinkles

Our Menu

​​​​Monthly Menu

Big o's & Little o's

​Blueberry Lavender

Cookies and Cream
Orange Cardamom

Apple Cider *

Plain Glazed

Cake Doughnuts


Strawberry with sprinkles 

Pumpkin pie cake*



Boston Cream


Fritters and Bars

Apple Fritters

Maple Bars



Classic rice crispy - Gluten free

Vanilla Ice cream                                Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies*